Gnome Haiku

NOTICE -- Evans Creek Preserve is now a "no gnome zone"

They came for the gnomes.
I didn’t speak — I wasn’t a gnome.
So it starts like this.


Haiku about poetry and life

Vintage photo of the municipal swimming pool in Marshall, Mo.
Municipal Pool, Marshall, MO (photo courtesy of Elizabeth DuBois Hokama)

Haiku about poetry and life

We’re playing a game,
calling out “Marco!” “Marco!”
just to hear “Polo!”


We took up books of verse and lingered long ...

Illusions of Innocence ~

Time was, the sun stood high and corn grew green,
The juice of youth coursed through our throbbing veins.
Love easy and free as the night was keen.
The grass our bed, our bath the gentle rains.

We took up books of verse and lingered long,
Imagined we were wise as those in odes,
Took guidance from the lyrics of a song,
Cast off the quaint restraint of outworn codes.

All along, ignoring every sign:
The chill that comes and strikes the landscape dead,
The smut that spoils the corn and rots the vine,
The vulture drifting gravely overhead,
And, one subtle clue even less benign,
That not one selfless thought entered our head.

Love the one you're with ...