California haiku

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Seems fitting somehow …
cold day in San Francisco,
reading Kerouac.

Published by

Bobby Ball

I love poetry. But I'm picky. No one pays me to read and write poems. It's more of a labor of love. I guess that puts me in good company. This is a project to discover why some poems strike you deep, deep down, while others leave you cold. I've got some ideas, and I'm eager to learn. I'll show you some of mine. Maybe we'll learn something new.

2 thoughts on “California haiku”

  1. There is a quote attributed to Twain that goes something like “The coldest winter I ever spent was one summer in San Francisco.” There is some controversy over its authenticity. I hope it’s true as it sounds just like what an old boy from Missouri would say!


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