Hometown haiku


Hometown Haiku

One day, you get word,
The very first girl you kissed
Long ago … has died.

Published by

Bobby Ball

I love poetry. But I'm picky. No one pays me to read and write poems. It's more of a labor of love. I guess that puts me in good company. This is a project to discover why some poems strike you deep, deep down, while others leave you cold. I've got some ideas, and I'm eager to learn. I'll show you some of mine. Maybe we'll learn something new.

3 thoughts on “Hometown haiku”

  1. Very emotional lines. Hope they are not the personal experiences of author. Whenever we part from someone it’s really sad. I’ve also written two poems on love: Stupid’s magic and Beloved She. Hope you will patronize them by visiting my blog. Only if time allows you. Love, I believe is the most beautiful gift that god has given to us all. Also, Merry Christmas.:)


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